• Cutting-Edge Technology Cutting-Edge Technology Flexibility, durability, environment-friendly, and coping with the highest international standards....
  • Production Facilities Production Facilities At Energis Group, our producton facilities are all mechanized with the latest technologies....
  • Our Machines Our Machines We offer a wide variety of reference machines and spare parts for the industry....
  • Energis Pool of Excellence Energis Pool of Excellence Energis group state of the art facilities are spread accross Europe, Africa and Asia. Pioneer in various sectors. We invite you to browse our website for more information...

Welcome to the Energis Group website


  • Engineering & Process
    Using the best of West European standards by a Pool of Excellence, leaders in their specific field.

  • Agriculture & Foodstuff
    Supply of equipment & raw materials, animal breeding, quality control, engineering of processing lines for the Food industry

  • Remote Site Management
    Remote Site Management, Maintenance, Security, Foodservice, Cleaning

  • Laboratory & Process
    General Laboratory supplies equipment & disposables, veterinary laboratories and animal wealth, process control instrumentation.

  • Housing & Construction
    Designs, manufactures and installs the latest technology of homes and unique architectural structures.

  • Heavy Industry
    Engineering studies, supply, maintenance and installation of electrical and mechanical equipment, measuring instruments.

  • Feed Mills
    The leading manufacturer of feed mill equipment, turnkey factories from 1 to 100 tons/hour.

  • Strategy Consulting
    Helps executives identify and assess possibilities to select the strategy with strongest potentials to target and deliver value.

  • Energy
    Oil and Gas
    Electrical power stations
    Boards and Grids.

  • Biomedical & Dental
    Hospital equipment,
    Dental Surgery, Implantology,