Assuring a successful external export service requires a perfect knowledge of the sectors of activity in which transfers are to be carried out. An in depth knowledge of these target markets has allowed ENERGIS to develop its activity through distinct departments, each one specialised in a particular field.

These departments select companies of high value, thus guaranteeing the transfer of technology which is in perfect harmony with each want or need.

In offering this guarantee of quality, ENERGIS establishes privileged relations with its suppliers and its clients at the same time. Furthermore, as a result of its well established technical- sales network in the majority of the countries of the group’s export zone, ENERGIS  assures another essential service, which is an extremely rigorous follow up of projects on a daily basis.

Above the simple relationships with its suppliers or clients, ENERGIS is involved to such a degree in the negotiation process that the actions which are taken come across as a real partnership.

From an SME producing a very specific product to a multinational distributing a very large and innovative range of equipment, everyone plays a part, in relation to the offer and corresponding to a particular sector on the different markets targeted by ENERGIS.

Multinational and multicultural teams:

We have gathered the best expertise from the world to offer our clients solutions  that are both innovative and compliant with the highest quality standards.  Our expertise allow us to approach the different markets in respect of  local culture and environment.

Global network of industry experts :

We use the Group’s expertise to tailor our proposals to each client’s unique business needs and objectives. We draw on our global network of experts and manufacturers to identify the perfect solutions for each project.


We provide constant monitoring through a field presence in target countries, a platform in Beirut and  offices in Paris.

Manufacture Excellence:

Energis Group’s production and logistics services ensure that all products are delivered to specification, on time, and at a competitive price.