Biomedical & Dental


BIO MEDICAL & DENTAL offers to the professionals of the health sector and research market, a comprehensive range of medical supply for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and dental clinics.


Supply and installation of all  kind of medical equipment, disposables and chemical, instrumentation and consumables including :

Nuclear medicine, diagnostic kits, radiology units, laboratory supply and reagents, emergency care and clinic ambulances.

Main end users: General hospitals, Private clinics, University hospitals, Research centres, Diagnostic centres, Central laboratories, Emergency centres.

Major products ranges :

1 – NUCLEAR MEDICINE: Radiopharmaceutical Products, Radiochemical products, Equipment for nuclear medicine, Kits for radioimmunoassays, Immunohistochemistry

2 – HAEMATOLOGY, LABORATORY & BIOLOGY: Blood banks and freezers, IEMS and ELISA readers, spectrophotometers, incubators, biosensors, blood gas analysers, microscopes, laboratory disposable, reagent for blood grouping, bacteriological and viral serology, culture media, microbiology, molecular and cellular biology “in vivo” and “in vitro” tests.

3 – MEDICAL IMAGING: X ray apparatus and radiology accessories, radio protection.

4 – OPHTALMOLOGY: Ophthalmic instrumentation, preservation media for cornea graft, intra ocular implants, ophthalmic visco elastic implants.

5 – DIAGNOSTIC: ECG, sphygmomanometers, stethoscopes, ENT instruments, oxygenation, ophthalmoscopes, injection pumps.

6 – DISPOSABLE: Cotton, bandages, swabs, dressings, gloves, catheters, perfusion sets, surgical instrumentation, surgical operating sets.

7 – EMERGENCY: Ambulances (Clinic or transport),  special vehicles, first aid sets, forensic medicine, transportation of corpses.

8 – STERILISATION: Industrial or medical sterilisation, incinerators, gamma waves

irradiators, autoclave and furnaces.

9 – VETERINARY: Genetic lab, cryogenic containers, instrumentation, ENT, ophtalomology, drogage, breeding, osteosynthesis, sutures, disposable, vet lab, animal pathology detection kits, (microbiology, serology,

haematology) for poultry, bovine, equine, porcine and caprine.

10 – QUALITY and POLLUTION CONTROL: Water and fluids analysis, gas analysis, petrochemical analysis.

11 – ORTHOPAEDIC: Full range of prosthesis and orthesis equipments, individual fittings for hips, rachis, ostheosyntesis (hip, knee, elbow, shoulder), prosthetic components and ancillaries.

A professional approach, the understanding of application requirements, a customer oriented action are integral part of our operations. It starts from the very first contact with customers, and extends through manufacturing to delivery and to any after-sales service. We are committed to customer satisfaction at all times.


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