« Since 1992, we have successfully driven the talent of over 140 European companies on the Gulf and Middle East markets.

We have developed our expertise in the fields of Agriculture, Food industry, Housing & Construction, Energy, Metallurgical, Mechanical and Electrical industries, Biomedical, Laboratories and Process control equipments,  Security, Protection and Environment.

From this experience Energis Business Hub was developed, center of our Euro–Mediterranean network. It’s an original pole of competences, generating business for its members.

The countries of the region indeed present at the  moment numerous opportunities for the European companies who have real know-how in their business. »


ENERGIS began its activities as an angular stone placed between Europe and the Middle East.

ENERGIS allows European companies to export their know-how to countries in reconstruction and expansion which represent future leading markets and at the same time, contributes to the facilitation of trade, which for the most part was either suspended or diminished.


  • Open new markets quickly
  • Conducting effective and constructive negotiations
  • Ensure fluid contracts management
  • Maintain cordial and challenging relationship

ENERGIS thus acts as the link in a smooth running chain: the advantages obtained by the French companies and the companies situated in the Arab country zone are optimised on both sides.

Each company puts forward its speciality and at the same time benefits from a spread of advantages that extend a lot further than simple geographical borders.