Housing & Construction

The wooden frameworks houses


e-BAT masters the highest and latest German “Dry-Wall” technology of homes and unique architectural structures of wooden frameworks houses.

Our goal is to supply clients in the public, private and governmental sectors with the most time efficient, energy sparing, quality driven product in today’s construction and housing market.

Our homes are built and turnkey delivered with the highest quality and precision of workmanship. They are also finished in a vast array of colours, shades and styles. At e-BAT, we stand by our motto of delivering quality, affordability, and comfort in every single home, to achieve confidence, appreciation and satisfaction of valued homebuyers and potential customers.

Strong of a specific sharp know-how and an experience in the construction of wooden frameworks houses, we are able to realize the works by separate building trades: structure and skeleton, close opened, renovation, demolition, construction, maintenance and reparation of every type of building, new or former.

Choosing e-BAT, it is to make sure an attentive listening and a clear and professional answer as high as your expectations.


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